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Summer House Hunting: 3 Advantages To Buying When It's Hot

Blog by Nancy Rondeau | August 21st, 2015

While the majority of real estate buyers begin looking for a new home in the spring or fall, there are actually a lot of advantages to summertime house hunting. Today we’ll focus on three. 1. Less competition for your preferred home. 
If you are looking for a home in a residential neighbourhood, one of the key reasons to buy real estate in the summer is that many spring buyers are exhausted by then. If they haven’t found the perfect home by June, many house hunters take the summer off and resume looking in the fall. For some, that’s because they use the summer to go on vacation or maximize leisure time. In the case of families, many parents worry that summer is too late to register children in a new district before the school year commences. In some real estate markets, this will mean that there may be less competition for your preferred home and neighbourhoods over the summer months. There may also be a better chance that sellers who originally overpriced their homes in the spring are more likely to be flexible on price. 2. You can include your children in the process. If you have children, then the summer holidays are the perfect time to look for a new home since you don’t need to worry about their weekday school schedules. Moving is also difficult for children, as the thought of leaving behind a home they grew up in, or a neighbourhood full of friends, can be a painful experience. It can be  easier to interest children in a potential new home, neighbourhood, nearby parks and attractions when the weather is nice, particularly if you can take the time to explore the area with them and introduce yourselves to neighbours who might be outside. 3. You get to experience the neighbourhood at its liveliestWhen you’re looking at Canadian real estate, it’s important to acknowledge our distinct seasons, and summertime is simply the best for those who enjoy time outdoors. House hunting in the summer allows you to see the buzz of a neighbourhood at its peak activity. There’s also a better chance that you’ll get to see – and perhaps even meet – the people who live in the area: people may be mowing lawns, relaxing on patios and porches, splashing in swimming pools, and children may be playing on sidewalks. Going to open houses is also more enjoyable when you can comfortably explore the full property. You’ll also get a sense of the indoor temperatures and the home’s natural lighting. If you need help finding your dream home this summer, it would be my pleasure to assist you.